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When you got it, flaunt it…And then, why not flaunt it again! 

Actress and director Elizabeth Banks is all about showing up to a red carpet in style, and while many actors and actresses would never dare to be caught in a look twice, Banks is proving that some looks are even better the second time around. The Charlie’s Angels actress took to Instagram to show off her daring gown that she wore during the Vanity Fair Oscars party, that she also wore more than 15 years ago. 

“It’s gorgeous and it fits…so why not wear it again?!” the actress started off her Instagram post. “Proud to wear my @badgleymischka dress that I first wore to @vanityfair #oscars party in 2004, re-imagined with @wendiandnicole, to bring global awareness to the importance of sustainability in fashion and consumerism as it relates to climate change, production & consumption, ocean pollution, labor & women.” 

She also joked that she paired the gown with a “side of Jeff Goldblum” who was caught hilariously ogling her stunning look from the side of red carpet. Banks posted tons of content of her evening throughout the night, and even teased this look for fans prior to hitting the party scene

“Wait until I tell you the story of this dress. Thank you for making me feel so lovely heading to @vanityfair to watch the @theacademy #oscars 2020,” she wrote alongside an up close photo of her gorgeous makeup and jewelry as well. 

The actress also shared some fun and intimate candids she took from inside the venue on her Instagram stories. Including one hilarious picture of the drink menu with a circle around a warning at the bottom that said, “Please drink responsibly.” Banks put a question mark next to the suggestion. 

Seems like she definitely had a night to remember! 

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