Lori Harvey Shows Off Luxurious New Mansion


The girlfriend of rapper Future, who recently purchased a brand new home in Los Angeles, is taking to Instagram Stories to show her gorgeous pool and a glimpse of her bedroom.

Lori Harvey is a proud owner of a brand new mansion. The model, who reportedly had been living with her mother Marjorie Harvey and stepfather Steve Harvey, recently purchased a luxurious pad in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles and has now taken to her social media account to show off the crib.

The 23-year-old posted on Instagram Stories a shot of her gorgeous pool in her backyard while giving a look at the view surrounding her home. She also shared a video of her bedroom, showing people assembling her new bed.

Lori Harvey Shows Off Luxurious New Mansion

Lori Harvey shows off her pool in her new L.A. mansion.

“It’s coming together,” she excitedly wrote over the video of her bedroom, which features wood floors and unique lighting fixtures. She also puts a black rug under her future bed to keep the floor warmer.

Lori Harvey Shows Off Luxurious New Mansion

The model also gives a peek at her bedroom.

Lori previously showed off a bottle of Dom Perignon champagne that a friend gave her as a housewarming gift. The champagne came with a note that read, “congrats on your new home!” She captioned the post, “First housewarming gift.”

The new house purchase is a good thing happening to Lori after she was recently caught in a terrifying situation. The girlfriend of rapper Future encountered robbers in a parking lot last week and was seen fearlessly fighting off one of the thieves who tried to steal her 2020 Rolls-Royce Cullinan.

In a surveillance video, Lori was seen all alone as she parked her white car. When she got out and made her way to the trunk to grab her stuff, a man in a black hoodie rushed to the driver’s seat while another suspect was waiting nearby in a getaway car.

She fought off the criminal, seemingly trying to pull him out of the vehicle but to no avail. She eventually gave up and decided to walk away leaving the robber to close the car’s door. The thief eventually abandoned her vehicle and fled in their original ride after grabbing her duffel bag as Lori appeared to have the car’s keys with her when she walked away. She was reportedly not injured and the duffel bag stolen by the robbers only contained some clothes.