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Ryuichi Sakamoto’s 1981 album, Hidari Ude No Yume, will be reissued on vinyl and CD on November 13. The reissue presents a remaster of the album’s original Japanese edition, which has not previously been mass-released outside of Japan. (The European release on Epic included “significantly different tracks and mixes,” a press release from Wewantsounds, the reissuing label, notes.) A 2xLP version of the release will include a previously unreleased instrumental mix of the album. 

The reissue comes with original artwork by photographer Masayoshi Sukita—see that below—and a four-page insert with an introduction by journalist Anton Spice. Sakamoto recorded Hidari Ude No Yume in Tokyo in 1981 with British producer Robin Scott, Sakamoto’s Yellow Magic Orchestra bandmates Haruomi Hosono and Yukihiro Takahashi, and a host of other musicians. The label, which is taking preorders via Bandcamp, enlisted engineer Bernie Grundman for the remaster. 

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