Snoop Dogg Facing Backlash for Supporting Bill Cosby


The internet is less than impressed with the ‘Doggfather’ rapper when he mixed his support for the late NBA superstar Kobe Bryant with ‘Free Bill Cosby’ campaign.

Snoop Dogg came under fire for supporting Bill Cosby who was hit with multiple sexual assault accusations. The rapper wrote “free Bill Cosby” and then “love u uncle Bill” as he slammed Gayle King over her questions about Kobe Bryant‘s alleged rape in an interview with former WNBA star Lisa Leslie.

While Snoop gained approval from the black community for defending the late athlete Kobe Bryant over the rape case which was dismissed by judge, his support for the disgraced comedian Bill Cosby who was found guilty of sexual assault backfired. The hip-hop star was accused of not supporting women.

Journalist Jemele Hill schooled Snoop on Instagram, “I love you bro, but please remember that Bill Cosby also victimized black women. Beverly Johnson, the first black supermodel, wrote a compelling account of how Bill Cosby drugged her and tried to rape her.”

“This also was the same dude telling people that black men didn’t deserve any respect because they wore their pants too low, and listened to hip hop. I’m glad he was able to present a positive picture of a black Dad, but he also was very anti-black in other parts of his life.”

Criticisms flooded the internet. One wrote, “Right!!!! Black men sticking together and STILL don’t gaf about black women. Ugh.” Another commented, “Bill didn’t offer any condolences for Kobe, until it for his agenda.” Meanwhile, an individual mocked the rapper’s infidelities, “Snoop loyal to everybody but his wife.”

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